Crew Profile: Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris is MD of award winning international logistics group PA Freight and has worked for the family business since 1988. As well as being a successful businessman, Andrew is an intrepid adventurer and has never shied away from a challenge. 

Andrew first stepped on board an Ocean Rowing boat in 2005 when he set out to row across the Atlantic Ocean East-West in aid of the Whale and Dolphin Society. Unfortunately, after just one night at sea, Andrew was injured and had to be rescued by the race support crew, none other than Mick Dawson. Keen to finish what he had started, Andrew persuaded Mick to come on board and together they successfully crossed the Atlantic, cementing a life-long friendship.

Andrew has always been a keen motorsports enthusiast. Whilst rowing across the Atlantic in 2005, Andrew had more than enough time to think and the idea behind Icon Motorcycles was born. Five years on and Andrew has designed and built the Icon Sheene, a tribute to motorcycling legend Barry Sheene. The Icon Sheene is the most powerful production motorcycle in the world and has been showcased at some of the world’s premier motorsports events.  Andrew also drives a 1990 F1 Lotus Lamborghini 102 in his spare time which was recently featured in the Financial Times magazine.

Over the years, Andrew has contributed enormously to the community by working with charities including the Newark Patriotic Fund which champions the cause of wounded ex servicemen and Beaumond House, a local hospice. As well as offering practical support, Andrew has channelled his enthusiasm for motor sports by racing his former F1 car and putting track days and memorabilia up for auction.

A father of two, Andrew has commented he expects the toughest thing about the Olympic Atlantic Row will be missing his family. His determination and sense of adventure however, will ensure that this journey is a resounding success.

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