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Become a member of the OAR Land Crew

For those individuals wishing to make a contribution to the OAR Project, we offer the opportunity to become a part of the OAR Land Crew. For donations over £250 or $400, your name will be printed on the ocean rowing boat Bojangles, allowing it to travel to the start of the Olympics, and you’ll be listed as a sponsor here on the OAR website. Land Crew members will also receive priority updates with all the latest news, an OAR T-shirt and a USB with lots more information about the OAR Project.

To become a member of the OAR Land Crew, simply click here to make a donation. Don’t forget to add special instructions so we know who you are! Please include your name and email address.


Sponsor an item

Many people prefer to buy a specific item for the OAR team. With so many pieces of kit and equipment required for a challenge of this magnitude, you could choose to help by paying for or donating a particular item – from food to electronics, airtime to toilet roll, baby wipes to oars, every little bit helps!

If you would like to sponsor an item of kit, simply chose something from the list below, then click here to make a donation. Don’t forget to add special instructions so we know who you are! Please include your name, email address and which items of kit you wish to sponsor. Where an item is worth over £250 or $400, we’ll automatically make you a member of the OAR Land Crew too.






Boat refurbishment – as a ‘living exhibit in the San Francisco Maritime Museum £15,000
Paint and antifoul £2,500
Shipping from San Francisco to St John’s £6,500 DHL


Ensign and courtesy flags £150 Jimmy Green Marine
Life raft £1000 Windslow Liferafts
Sea Anchor £500
Drogues £200
Water ballast £120
Mooring lines £100
Oars £2,400 Xcell
Gates and spares £50
Seats and spare wheels £30
Seat padding and sheepskin £200 Easirider
Tool kit £250
Dry bags £400 Overboard

Food & water

Desalination machine (water maker) £4,000 Spectra Watermakers
Handheld water maker £899
Feed Us For A Day! Buy a days rations for Andrew and Roz £70 per day
Food for 60 days @ 6,000 calories per person per day £1,328 Fuizion FDF, Mountain House
Snacks and treats for 60 days £2,896 Larabars
Electrolyte powder £183
Cooker and spares £162
Cooking gas £108
Cooking equipment and utensils £75
Emergency fishing kit £8.95
Fire blanket £15.99
Fire extinguisher £17.99


Sleeping bags £216 Ocean Sleepwear
Sleeping mats – inflatable & made to measure £500 HMC West


Solar shower £7.50
Toiletries £18
Cleaning wipes £42.5
Toilet rolls (antibacterial) £31.50
Handwash gel £10.49
Milton sterilizing fluid £2.89
Sores/rubs kit – Sudocrem £10
Sun block and lotion Tbc Forever Living Products
Towels £25
Dry bags £227  Overboard
Sea sickness remedy tbc
First Aid kit £300


Survival suits £1,990
Base layers – top £160 Crewroom
Base layers – bottom £76 Crewroom
Mid layers £180
Offshore jacket £1,140 ExplorOceans
Offshore trousers £820 ExplorOceans
Sun hats £60
Sunglasses £159.80
Mittens – 1 pair each £26
Gloves – 2 pairs each £52 Azure
Lifejackest & harness £249.98
Lifelines £89.98
Spare gas for lifejackets £67.96

Communications, Safety & Technology

Laptop £2,819.99
Satellite telephone £200 Angela Hey and John Mashey
Yellowbrick tracking device £900 Weather Underground
Navigational Charts and Weather Routeing Charts £350 Thomas Gunn NavigationalServices
On shore weather support £2,000
EPIRBs x 2 £739.90 McMurdo
Personal EPIRBs x 2 £439.90 McMurdo
SeaMe radar reflector £834
Handheld VHF DSC radio £244.95 Raymarine
VHF DSC radio (fixed) £274.99 Raymarine
Signalling mirror £11.95
Flares £250
Fog horn and spare canister £13.98
Waterproof camera £219.99
Waterproof video camera £340.16
Specialist underwater camera & lens £10,000
Memory cards £7.40
Airtime – to send blogs, film and photos £10,000
Waterproof speakers £125 Aleksey Bochkovsky
iPod x 2 £398

However you choose to support the OAR, you can be confident that you’re helping to inspire future generations.

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