A fond farewell from Mick Dawson

The increasing time commitments required to successfully complete this row across the North Atlantic and contribute fully to the OAR Project as a whole mean I have reluctantly come to the decision that I can no longer participate as a crew member. I am very disappointed to have to drop out, especially at this late stage, but Andrew and I have spoken at length and we both agree it’s the right decision.

As the OAR Project has progressed and gathered momentum, commitments in the U.S. have required additional time away from the U.K. beyond the expected time at sea during the row. Unfortunately, my long suffering wife Grace was turned down for a tourist visa to accompany me to the US during this extensive build up process. After the many months of separation during my North Pacific crossing and with a ‘day job’ fighting pirates that keeps me away for many months of the year, I cannot justify our being apart for another extended period of time, hence my reluctant but correct decision.

I’d like to thank all of the team and the army of supporters for all their hard work and efforts and apologise for letting them down. It goes without saying I wish Andrew and Roz all the luck in the world with the OAR. I will of course remain involved as part of the shore side team, and will be helping over the coming weeks to get Bojangles ready for her journey. ┬áHaving come this far, I wish to help in any way I can to make the OAR project the success it deserves to be.

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