New Sponsors – McMurdo and ADEC Marine

EPIRBs from McMurdo

As the departure date draws ever closer, the OAR Project team are taking delivery of an increasing number of parcels and packages, sent by our generous sponsors.

McMurdo have supplied a Smartfind EPIRB and two Fast Find Personal EPIRBs for the team, together with floating pouches and lanyards for the Personal EPIRBs. McMurdo has been a leading provider of emergency locator beacons on land or water for over 20 years.

These Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons are vital pieces of equipment that can pinpoint the boat and the rowers positions in an emergency. The EPIRBs are registered to the boat and the EPIRB Registry knows who is onboard and who to contact. If there is an emergency out at sea, Andrew and Roz simply have to press a button and within minutes, the UK Coastguard will know exactly where they are and that they need help – then emergency procedures can be activated to help ensure their safety 24/7.


ADEC Marine's reflective tape clearly visible on Barbara Ivy

Bojangles will soon be resplendent wearing a new set of reflective tape provided by ADEC Marine. It might not sound important, but having a bit of well placed ‘bling’ on your boat can make the difference between being found or missed by a ship or search party looking for you in the dark.

OARs UK Project Manager, Rachel, remembers advice from Mick Dawson prior to her row and after hearing about how important the tape can be, made sure that her boat (Barbara Ivy) stood out well in the dark as you can see from the picture. Thanks to the team at ADEC for their generous support.

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