From one ocean rower to another

Ben Fogle and James Cracknell are no strangers to rowing an ocean, being veterans of the 2005 Atlantic race.

Both men know from their own experience exactly what is in store for Andrew and Roz when they set off in May. Ben and James have offered the OAR Project team their well wishes and support, and will be following Andrew and Roz as they progress across the North Atlantic.

In 2005, Ben and James competed in the annual rowing race from La Gomera to Antigua, competing alongside our very own Andrew Morris (in a pair with Mick Dawson) and Roz Savage! Ben and James completed the race in 49 days and as their TV documentary showed, had some real highs and lows along the way.

Hardest for James was the realisation that the ocean is in charge and doesn’t care how much success in rowing you’ve already had, it treats everyone exactly the same and will test you beyond your known limits. For Ben, it was coping with the fact that the pair set off with completely different goals, some thing they had to overcome in order to form an effective team.

With that in mind, Ben passed on his best wishes to the team:

“I wish Andrew and Roz all the luck in the world with the OAR Project North Atlantic Row” Ben Fogle.


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