Roz Savage on joining the OAR Team

I thought I had retired from ocean rowing, but I also said ‘never say never!’ When the opportunity to take part in the OAR Project presented itself, the time was right and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  I’m really excited to take on the challenge  – not only of rowing the North Atlantic route, but also as a mixed pair, which will add a new dimension to my ocean rowing experience. I’m also really looking forward to rowing home, and continuing the journey across Britain to arrive in London in time for the Olympic Games.

About 10 days ago I got an email out of the blue from Andrew Morris. I have known both Andrew and Mick Dawson since 2005, having competed in the same Atlantic Rowing Race when they first rowed together, and having seen Mick again more recently after his successful row from Japan to San Francisco with Chris Martin in 2009.

I was aware of Andrew and Mick’s plans for the OAR Project – as indeed, at one stage I had a similar idea to row the North Atlantic this year to mark the Olympics, until my boat started falling apart on the Indian Ocean and I cancelled on the grounds of not enough money to make the necessary renovations in the time available, amongst other things. When asked whether I was interested in stepping into the OAR Team, my gut reaction was ‘yes!’  Still this was a difficult decision, as I have had to put my plans for Trashmobs on hold. When I asked myself how I would feel if I DIDN’T do this, the answer became clear. I would always have looked back and wondered if I had missed a golden opportunity. So here I go again. In at the deep end, pushing my boundaries – but that’s what I’m all about. I am really excited to work with Andrew going forward and the great team that has already formed around the OAR project.


Find out more about Roz Savage and why she chose to come on board with Andrew Morris as part of the OAR Team.


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