Inland Waterways: Day 13

Andrew Morris takes Bojangles down the historic Henley Royal Regatta course, after stopping for a spot of lunch at the world famous Leander Rowing Club.

Amber Foundation supports the OAR through the British Inland Waterways

As Andrew ‘Mos’ Morris gears up for his journey across the UK through the Inland Waterways, it is clear that he wouldn’t get nearly as far without his valued support team. This time, he’s teaming up with the Amber Foundation. Each day, between 3-5 Amber residents aged 17 to 28 years will be coming along to escort Bojangles from Bristol to Pewsey. Their main contribution will be opening the many locks en route, clearing the way for Andrew to make it through to London in time for the start of the Olympics.

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Tickets for the Best of British Launch now on sale!

Join us for the Best of British Launch on April 23rd as the city of San Francisco says farewell to Bojangles and the OAR crew.

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